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Eggplant Seeds - Casper White

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  • 30 Seeds
  • 70-75 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Bushy Plant Growth
  • Ghostly White Fruits
  • Originally from France
  • Delicate, mushroom-like flavor
  • Less bitter than purple varieties
  • Ideal for a range of culinary dishes

History: Whispers of ghostly elegance and culinary excellence surround the Casper White Eggplant. Hailing from the sophisticated realms of France, this distinct variety stands as a testament to the country's rich gardening and culinary traditions. Its name, inspired by the pale, almost spectral hue of its fruit, draws intrigue and admiration from gardeners and chefs alike. Over the generations, this eggplant's delicate flavor, reminiscent of mushrooms, and its striking appearance have made it a prized possession in French households and beyond.

Uses: Stepping into a kitchen that houses the Casper White Eggplant promises a culinary adventure. The versatility of this vegetable knows no bounds. Whether it's grilled to perfection, baked to a soft tenderness, or stir-fried in a medley of vibrant vegetables, the Casper White Eggplant shines. Its mild, almost creamy flavor profile makes it a favorite in dishes like vegetarian lasagna, the beloved moussaka, or even the classic eggplant Parmesan. When you're working with this eggplant, the results are always gastronomically delightful.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: Embodying a bushy demeanor, the Casper White Eggplant is a plant that demands attention and care. It thrives best under the gentle rays of the sun and in soil that is well-drained and slightly on the acidic side. If you're eager to introduce this French marvel to your garden, start by planting seeds indoors, about 1/4 inch deep, roughly 8 weeks prior to the last expected frost. Once the soil outside warms up, signaling the retreat of cold days, transplant these little seedlings into your garden. Ensure they are spaced 18-24 inches apart and that rows are maintained at a distance of 30-36 inches. With the right care and a touch of patience, your garden will soon be adorned with the ethereal beauty of the Casper White Eggplants.

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