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Squash Seeds - Early White Bush Scallop

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  • 20 Seeds Early & Productive
  • Top White Summer Squash variety
  • Cucurbita pepo species
  • Bush type plants
  • Best harvested at 4"-6" diameter
  • Mild white squash
  • Good source of Vitamin A

History: The white summer squash, classified under the Cucurbita pepo species, has been a staple in gardens for generations. While its colorful cousins often grabbed attention, this pale, understated variant has quietly cemented its place in both gardens and kitchens. Its roots trace back to the broader Cucurbitaceae family, which has been pivotal in human agriculture and culinary arts for centuries.

Uses: The top white summer squash stands out for its subtle, mild flavor, making it a versatile ingredient in a plethora of dishes. Whether it's grilled for a smoky flavor, sautéed with herbs for a quick side dish, or incorporated into stews and casseroles, this squash shines through without overpowering other ingredients. Being low in calories and rich in vitamin A, it’s not only a delightful but also a nutritious addition to meals.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: For the best yield, sow the seeds directly into well-draining soil, ensuring enough sunlight exposure. These bush type plants do not sprawl much, so space can be optimized in the garden. Regular watering and a periodic check for pests will ensure healthy growth. The fruit matures early and is most flavorful when harvested at a diameter of 4"-6". By doing so, you can savor the tenderness and mildness that this variety is celebrated for.

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