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Larkspur Seeds - Giant Imperial Mixed Color Larkspur

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  • Seed Count: 200 Seeds
  • Plant Type: Hardy Annual Herb.
  • Origin: Historically used in European gardens and landscapes.
  • Color Palette: Blue, purple, pink, and white.
  • Height: 3-5 feet tall.
  • Soil Preference: Well-draining.
  • Light Requirement: Full sun to partial shade.

History: The Larkspur, particularly the 'Giant Imperial Mixed Colors' variant, holds a storied position in gardening annals. Historically treasured in European gardens, the Delphinium Consolida has captivated horticulturists and flower enthusiasts alike with its majestic height and spectrum of vibrant colors. Its name, derived from the Latin word "delphis," meaning dolphin, is believed to be attributed to the shape of its unopened buds, which resemble the marine creature. Over the years, as exploration and trade flourished, so did the popularity of this ornamental gem, ensuring its presence in gardens far beyond its original habitats.

Uses: Giant Imperial Larkspur, with its towering stature and spectrum of colors, serves multiple purposes in gardening and decor. Its showy blooms, appearing like nature's fireworks, can single-handedly elevate the aesthetics of any space. As a cut flower, its tall spikes interspersed with radiant hues become an instant centerpiece, infusing rooms with natural elegance. Beyond its beauty, the Larkspur plays a significant role in the garden ecosystem. Its blooms, acting as nectar-rich magnets, draw in a myriad of pollinators. Bees and butterflies, among other beneficial insects, are frequently seen flitting around these flowers, ensuring a vibrant and biodiverse garden.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: Cultivating the Giant Imperial Larkspur promises both a delightful gardening journey and a visually arresting end result. Begin by selecting a location that receives abundant sunlight, although the plant is tolerant of partial shade as well. The chosen spot should have well-draining soil, ensuring the plant's roots remain healthy and free from rot. Sow the seeds, lightly covering them with a layer of soil. Given their stature, if planting in a border, ensure they are positioned towards the back to create a layered aesthetic. Larkspurs are fairly low-maintenance, requiring minimal interventions post-sowing. As they grow, their fern-like foliage complements the vibrant blooms, adding texture and depth to garden designs. Regular watering, especially during dry spells, will ensure a lush, prolonged flowering season.

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