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Marigold Seeds - Giant Orange

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  • Seed Count: 10 Seeds
  • Maturity Date: 70-80 days from planting
  • Plant Height: Up to 36 inches
  • Flower Size: Large, up to 5 inches in diameter
  • Vibrant Orange Blooms
  • Ideal for: Garden borders, mass plantings, and as cut flowers
  • Attracts Pollinators: Bees and butterflies
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun


The Giant Orange Marigold has a fascinating history, with its origins tracing back to Mexico. Revered by the Aztecs for their medicinal and spiritual properties, marigolds were later embraced in Europe and Africa, celebrated for their vibrant colors and ease of cultivation. The Giant Orange variety, in particular, is admired for its large and striking blooms, and it has been a garden favorite for its ability to add a bold pop of color.


These marigolds are loved for their bright orange flowers that bring a warm and joyful atmosphere to any garden. They are perfect for creating eye-catching garden borders and mass plantings, offering a stunning visual effect. The large blooms are also ideal for vibrant cut flower arrangements. Additionally, these marigolds attract beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies, contributing to the health of your garden ecosystem.

Growth Habit & Planting Instructions:

Giant Orange Marigolds feature an upright growth habit, achieving impressive heights and spread. They flourish in full sun and require well-drained soil to thrive. Seeds can be sown directly in the garden after the last frost, or started indoors for earlier blooms. Plant the seeds about an inch deep and space them around 8-12 inches apart. These marigolds are relatively easy to care for, needing regular watering and occasional deadheading to encourage more blooms and maintain their bright appearance.

Incorporating Giant Orange Marigolds into your garden adds not only aesthetic beauty but also supports local pollinators. Their ease of growth and stunning display make them a top choice for gardeners seeking to add a touch of grandeur to their outdoor spaces.

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