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Bean Seeds - Tiger's Eye Beans

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  • 10 Seed Packet
  • 80-90 Days to Maturity
  • Bush Bean Growth Habit
  • Shell or Dry Bean Type
  • Distinctive Delicious Flavor

Tracing its roots back to the fertile landscapes of Chile or Argentina, the Tiger's Eye Bean has traveled across continents to become a treasured culinary gem. While it may have started its journey in South American terrains, today, its renown has spread far and wide, standing tall as one of the most cherished beans in many a kitchen.

Taste and Culinary Versatility:
Every Tiger's Eye Bean is a promise of a rich, flavorful experience. Its smooth texture seamlessly blends with a slightly nutty undertone, making every bite a pleasure. Its depth of flavor shines particularly bright in hearty dishes like chili or when refried. Whether you're crafting a traditional dish or experimenting with new flavors, this bean never disappoints.

Growing Habits:
One of the standout characteristics of the Tiger's Eye Bean is its bush growth habit, allowing it to be a compact powerhouse in the garden. Despite its compact nature, this bean is notably productive, with each bean stretching to about 2-1/2 inches. This high yield ensures a generous harvest, rewarding every gardener's effort with a bountiful bean bounty.

Planting Instructions:
For a flourishing crop, plant the seeds about an inch deep, spacing them about 2-3 inches apart. These beans thrive in well-drained soil and prefer locations bathed in abundant sunlight. Regular watering will ensure they grow robustly, especially during drier spells. As they mature, gardeners will find themselves rewarded with strings of luscious beans, each echoing the rich flavor profile the Tiger's Eye Beans are celebrated for.

Introducing the Tiger's Eye Beans to your garden means embracing a legacy of flavor, history, and culinary delight. Every bean is a journey through time and taste, and with each harvest, you're not just reaping beans; you're gathering moments of culinary brilliance and age-old traditions.

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