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Carrot Seeds - Yellowstone

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  • Seed Count: 300 Seeds
  • Maturity: 73 Days
  • Type: Medium-length Carrot
  • Variety Origin: Specifically adapted for southern United States and Mexico.
  • Length: 7 to 8 inches
  • Color: Deep orange
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet and flavorful
  • Special Features: Early maturity, large and well-distributed roots for easy harvest.

The Yellowstone Carrot, echoing the grandeur of the renowned national park from which it gets its name, has a history that has endeared it to many farmers and garden enthusiasts, especially in the southern United States and Mexico. Over the years, this variety has been recognized for its resilience and adaptability, factors that have contributed to its widespread cultivation in these regions. Its growth cycle is notable, maturing swiftly and providing gardeners with an early harvest.

Yellowstone Carrot isn’t just favored for its growing traits; its culinary attributes are equally impressive. With a deep orange hue, this carrot boasts a sweet and sumptuous flavor. This makes it an excellent choice for a range of dishes, from fresh salads to heartier meals like soups and stews. Given its uniform and consistent size, the Yellowstone Carrot is not only a hit among home gardeners but also holds significant appeal for fresh market vendors and those in the food processing industry.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
To cultivate the Yellowstone Carrot to its full potential, it's essential to understand its preferences and needs. Start by sowing the seeds directly into well-aerated, stone-free soil. Each seed should be planted about a quarter-inch deep. As the seedlings sprout and begin their growth journey, it's crucial to space them about 2-3 inches apart, ensuring each carrot has ample room to develop. While these carrots do have a preference for full sunlight, they're accommodating enough to grow in partial shade. Watering plays a pivotal role in their growth. Regular, consistent watering, ensuring the soil remains moist but not drenched, is the key to yielding a bountiful harvest. The robust nature of the Yellowstone Carrot ensures that when harvest time comes around, the process is smooth with minimal breakage.

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