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Parsley Seeds - Moss Curled Parsley

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  • 700 Seeds
  • Maturity: 68-75 Days
  • Annual or Biennial Plant
  • Grows up to 9-12 inches in height
  • Features curled, dark-green leaves
  • Thrives in cold weather, exhibiting frost-resilience
  • Nutrient-rich, offering various health benefits
  • Prolific grower that returns year after year

Origin & History:
'Moss Curled' parsley, with its distinctive curled dark-green leaves, traces its origins to the temperate regions of Europe. Esteemed through generations for its cold-resilience and distinctive appearance, it has become a staple in gardens around the world. Historically, parsley, in general, has been cherished for its culinary, medicinal, and even ceremonial purposes, with 'Moss Curled' offering a unique twist on this timeless herb.

Boasting a mild flavor, 'Moss Curled' parsley effortlessly complements a plethora of dishes without overwhelming them. Its beautifully curled leaves make it an attractive garnish, while its subtle taste makes it a versatile ingredient in soups, salads, and sauces. Beyond its culinary application, the nutrient density of 'Moss Curled' parsley has cemented its place in herbal medicine, being recognized as a source of vitamins and antioxidants.

Growth Habit & Planting Instructions:
'Moss Curled' parsley is particularly adept at withstanding colder climates. Its thick, heavy leaves not only add aesthetic value but also serve as a natural barrier against frost, ensuring the plant's survival through chillier seasons. For optimal growth, plant seeds in well-draining soil under partial to full sunlight. Water moderately but ensure the soil doesn't remain waterlogged. Due to its biennial nature, gardeners can expect a delightful return of this plant year after year, continuously offering its fresh, mild flavor.

Step into a world of herbal wonders and cultivate a legacy of taste, health, and beauty with our 'Moss Curled' parsley seeds. This variety promises to be a steadfast companion in your garden, enduring cold seasons and enriching your meals with its mild, nutrient-packed leaves. Embrace the charm of curled leaves and savor the gift of nature with every harvest.

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