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Stevia Seeds - Sweet

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  • 6 Seeds
  • Maturity: 60-80 Days from Planting
  • Grows up to 12-30 inches tall
  • Prefers well-drained soil and full sun
  • Bright green leaves with a sweet taste
  • Delicate white flowers during late summer
  • Hardy in zones 9-11; treat as an annual in cooler zones
  • Ideal pH range: 6-7.5 for optimal growth

Origin & History:
Stevia rebaudiana, native to the subtropical climates of Paraguay and Brazil, has long been esteemed by indigenous tribes not only as a sweet treat but also as a medicinal herb. Its journey from being a local secret to a worldwide sugar alternative is a testament to its incredible potential and versatility.

Culinary & Medicinal Uses:
A treasure trove for those seeking sweetness without the baggage of calories, Stevia's uses span from sweetening beverages to giving desserts a guilt-free twist. Beyond its obvious culinary applications, Stevia has been recognized in traditional medicine for its potential benefits, such as aiding in blood sugar regulation and promoting heart health.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Stevia, a sun-loving herb, thrives in well-draining soil and requires consistent moisture. Plant seeds about a quarter-inch deep, maintaining a spacing of 18-24 inches between plants. While Stevia is perennial in zones 9-11, gardeners in cooler regions should consider growing it as an annual or provide protection during frost. Harvest leaves just before flowering for the sweetest taste.

Embrace the fusion of health and taste with our premium Stevia Seeds. Whether you're navigating the journey of sugar-free living or simply curious about this naturally sweet herb, planting Stevia offers a fulfilling and healthful gardening experience. Chart a course toward natural sweetness and holistic health by adding Stevia to your garden today!

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