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Pepper Seeds - Hot - Ancho Gigantea Poblano

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  • 25 Seeds
  • 90 Days from Transplant
  • Medium Heat with Rich Flavor Profile
  • Changes Color from Green-Black to Dark Red to Russet Brown
  • Heart-Shaped Peppers Measuring Approximately 4 Inches Long
  • Thick Flesh Ideal for Stuffing, Roasting, or Creating Sauces
  • Dries into Ancho Chile for Various Culinary Uses
  • Robust Plants Yielding Abundant Peppers

History: Ancho Gigantea Poblano Peppers have a storied past, intertwining with many traditional dishes, especially within Mexican cuisine. The name "poblano" derives from the state of Puebla in Mexico, where the pepper is believed to have originated. Over time, its popularity has surged, making it a sought-after variety not just in Mexico, but worldwide.

Uses: The versatility of the Ancho Gigantea Poblano Pepper is unmatched. Fresh, its green-black, heart-shaped form lends itself perfectly to stuffing due to its thick flesh. Many enjoy it roasted, where its rich flavor shines. However, when dried, it transforms into the famed Ancho Chile, a critical ingredient in dishes like mole. Its dynamic flavor profile ranges from medium heat when fresh to a smoky depth once dried.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: For best results, begin by sowing Ancho Gigantea Poblano Pepper seeds indoors. Use small pots, providing ample light and consistent moisture. After approximately 90 days, or once the threat of frost has passed, transplant the young plants outdoors. Choose a location with full sun and well-draining soil. The plants are relatively hardy and will reward your efforts with a generous harvest. As the peppers mature, they'll undergo a captivating color transformation, signaling their readiness for harvest. Enjoy them fresh or consider drying them for extended use.

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