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Anise Seeds - Hyssop

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  • Seed Count: 125 Seeds
  • Edible Qualities: Distinct minty-licorice flavored foliage suitable for culinary uses
  • Floral Beauty: Stunning clusters of purple flowers adding charm to gardens
  • Attractive to Wildlife: A magnet for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds
  • Growth Habit: Feathery foliage, transitioning in hue from light green to brownish-blue-green
  • Aromatic Essence: Emits a soothing aroma, ideal for potpourri or essential oil extraction
  • Climatic Suitability: Flourishes best in temperate and subtropical climates
  • Blooming Time: Displays its floral grandeur from summer through fall

Origin & History:
Anise Hyssop, scientifically known as Agastache foeniculum, traces its roots back to North America's prairies, fields, and barrens. Revered by Native American tribes, the herb was traditionally employed for medicinal and ceremonial purposes, underscoring its age-old significance.

Beyond the visual allure of its feathery foliage and starry purple blooms, Anise Hyssop claims a spot in the culinary world. Its unique minty-licorice flavor profile lends itself to a myriad of dishes, infusing teas, salads, and desserts with a burst of freshness. Not just confined to the kitchen, the herb's aromatic essence finds purpose in potpourri blends and essential oil concoctions, filling spaces with its invigorating scent.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Gardening enthusiasts seeking minimal maintenance plants will find a friend in Anise Hyssop. To introduce it to your garden, sow the seeds directly into the ground post the last frost or initiate growth indoors using small pots. Offering flexibility in its care regimen, Anise Hyssop isn't particularly fussy about its soil type, although ensuring good drainage enhances its vitality. As it reaches its mature height of approximately 24 inches, the plant unveils its majestic purple blossoms, becoming a hub of activity for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. While being drought-resistant, regular watering, especially during germination, boosts its health and longevity. With the right care, the herb promises a vibrant display from summer until the fall, making it an unmissable addition to gardens.

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