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Thyme Seeds - Creeping Thyme

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  • 800 Seeds
  • Maturity: 60-70 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Grows 2-3 inches tall, spreading outwards as a carpet
  • Adorned with tiny, aromatic pinkish-purple flowers
  • Thrives in zones 4-9
  • Resilient to foot traffic, making it ideal for pathways
  • Repels pests due to its fragrant nature
  • Versatile use in both sunny and partially shaded locations

Origin & History:
Creeping Thyme, scientifically known as Thymus serpyllum, has been an emblem of European heritage for ages. Deeply embedded in folklore and ancient medicine, it was often used by herbalists and even held spiritual significance in certain cultures. This low-growing herb has effortlessly merged functionality with aesthetics, making it a cherished plant over the generations.

A multifaceted herb, Creeping Thyme serves culinary, ornamental, and aromatic purposes. While its delicate leaves can enhance a variety of dishes, its primary charm lies in its ground-covering capabilities. It seamlessly fills gaps in stone pathways or garden borders, creating a fragrant carpet that releases its scent when walked upon. Furthermore, its ability to deter pests makes it an invaluable asset in organic gardening.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
To establish a dense Creeping Thyme ground cover, select a well-draining patch that receives ample sunlight. Scatter the seeds lightly over the surface, pressing them gently into the soil without burying them. Water them initially, and then intermittently, as this plant thrives even with minimal moisture. As the plants grow, they form a thick mat, which can be lightly pruned to maintain shape and encourage bushier growth.

The elegance and utility of Creeping Thyme make it an indispensable addition to any garden. Be it for culinary endeavors, ornamental charm, or its aromatic prowess, sowing these seeds promises a garden enriched with beauty and function. Embark on this horticultural journey today and witness the magic of Creeping Thyme unfold.

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