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Corn Salad (Mache) Seeds - Dutch Broad Leaved

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  • Seed Count: 150
  • Maturity: Approximately 50 Days
  • Heirloom Variety
  • Rosettes of Smooth, Spoon-Shaped Leaves
  • Coveted by Fine Chefs
  • Early Spring Green
  • Hardy, Can Overwinter with Proper Mulching
  • Best Quality When Flower Shoot Appears
  • Sow in Late Summer, Fall, and Early Spring

History: Originating from the Netherlands, the Dutch Broad Leaved Corn Salad is an heirloom variety with deep-rooted cultural significance. Over the centuries, its charm has not been confined just to its homeland but has found admirers across different parts of Europe and the world. This vegetable, also commonly referred to as Mache, stands as an emblem of traditional agricultural practices, passed down through generations and standing strong against the tide of time.

Uses: Elevating the dining experience, the Dutch Broad Leaved Corn Salad is a favorite among culinary experts and fine chefs. Its smooth, spoon-shaped leaves not only infuse dishes with a unique flavor but also enhance the visual appeal. Predominantly consumed fresh in salads, the leaves offer a delectable taste that's unparalleled. Harvesting the entire plant as the flower shoot makes its appearance guarantees peak quality, ensuring every bite is memorable.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: Planting the Dutch Broad Leaved Corn Salad requires adherence to its preferred growing seasons. Seeds should be planted during the latter part of summer, extending into fall, and once again as the world wakes up from its winter slumber in early spring. A wait of approximately 50 days post-sowing yields tender young leaves ready for consumption. Noteworthy is its resilience; this variety can withstand the harshest of winters. Proper mulching, especially using straw, is recommended for its successful overwintering.

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