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Lemon Balm Seeds

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Seed Count: 300 Seeds
Plant Type: Perennial in zones 4-9
Plant Height: 20-50 inches tall
Fragrance: Strong pleasant lemon scent reminiscent of lemon drops
Historical Connection: A favorite of King Charles V
Medicinal Properties: Calming, anti-viral, anti-bacterial
Culinary Uses: Often utilized in teas
Gardening Style: Perfect for French-inspired gardening

Lemon Balm, with its delightful citrus aroma, was not just any herb in the royal gardens; it was a particular favorite of King Charles V. As history has it, the allure of this herb transcended its aromatic leaves, as monarchs and herbalists alike recognized its multifaceted benefits. With roots in the Mediterranean region, it soon found its place in gardens across Europe, becoming a staple in French-inspired horticultural designs.

Beyond its ornamental charm, Lemon Balm is a treasure trove of culinary and medicinal wonders. Its leaves, exuding a scent reminiscent of lemon drops, are often steeped to create a soothing herbal tea. Historically and even in contemporary herbal practices, Lemon Balm has been heralded for its calming effects on the mind. Further, its impressive anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties have made it a sought-after natural remedy for a range of ailments, especially digestive issues.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Lemon Balm is a hardy perennial that thrives in zones 4-9. To cultivate, select a location with well-drained soil and plant the seeds just below the soil surface. While it's adaptable to various sunlight conditions, Lemon Balm prefers full sun to partial shade for optimal growth. This plant is not just about height; its spread showcases a lush array of leaves, so ensure enough spacing between the seeds. Given its hardiness, it requires minimal maintenance once established.

Add a touch of royalty and aromatic splendor to your garden with Lemon Balm. Its historical significance, coupled with its undeniable utility, makes it an indispensable addition to any herb garden. Revel in its lemony aroma and cherish its therapeutic gifts with each harvest.

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