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Pumpkin Seeds - New England Sugar Pie

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  • 15 Seeds
  • Maturity: 100 Days
  • Average Weight: 4-5 Lbs
  • Light Orange Hue
  • Exceptional for Pie Making
  • Sweet and Fine Flesh
  • Developed in Southern New England
  • Highly Prized by Collectors

History: The verdant fields of Southern New England have, over the decades, gifted us with many horticultural delights, and the New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin stands out among them. This pumpkin has roots that run deep into the traditions of the region, having been selectively bred to offer the sweetest, finest flesh suitable for those famous New England pies. As years passed, this variety carved out its own niche, becoming an iconic symbol of New England’s rich agrarian legacy.

Uses: While many pumpkins may grace the festive fall displays, the New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin has a singular, celebrated purpose: creating delectable pies. Its light orange, fine-grained flesh, packed with natural sweetness, transforms into velvety, aromatic fillings that are the hallmark of traditional pumpkin pies. Yet, its culinary versatility doesn't stop at pies; this pumpkin's sweet flavor makes it a favorite ingredient in soups, roasts, and even desserts beyond pies. Collectors and traditionalists also value this pumpkin for its historical significance and emblematic representation of New England.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: The New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin is as hardy as it is sweet. Thriving in well-draining soil, it appreciates sunny spots in the garden where it can bask and ripen. While it’s a heavy feeder, regular applications of organic compost or a balanced fertilizer will suffice. Starting indoors can give them a head start, but whether you choose to direct-sow post the last frost or transplant, ensure a spacing of at least 3-4 feet between plants. After planting, a wait of approximately 100 days will reward you with the signature light orange globes, ready to be turned into culinary masterpieces or to take their proud place in a collector's array.

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