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Sorrel Seeds - Red Veined Sorrel

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  • 250 Seeds
  • Maturity: 50-60 Days from Planting
  • Grows up to 8 inches long
  • Vibrant lemon flavor
  • Green leaves with decorative red veining
  • Versatile in culinary uses: from sautés to soups
  • Perfect for both spring and fall harvests
  • Adds a unique visual and flavor touch to dishes

Origin & History:
Red Veined Sorrel Dock, scientifically known as Rumex acetosella, has its roots firmly set in European history. Over centuries, it has been cultivated and cherished not just for its striking appearance but also its unique, lemony taste. Its incorporation in ancient recipes and medicinal concoctions attests to its longstanding popularity and versatility.

Culinary & Medicinal Uses:
The tangy, lemon-like flavor of Red Veined Sorrel Dock makes it a favorite amongst chefs and home cooks alike. Its tender leaves are a delightful addition, offering a zesty punch to sautéed dishes, soups, salads, and even beverages. When used in cocktails or fresh juices, it imparts a refreshing twist that elevates the overall flavor profile. Beyond its culinary versatility, sorrel has also been historically linked to various health benefits, including aiding digestion.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Cultivating Red Veined Sorrel Dock is a joy for every gardener, from the novice to the expert. This herb prefers well-draining soil with a good mix of sun and shade. Seeds should be sown approximately 1/4 inch deep, with a spacing of 10-12 inches between each plant. As it's a cool-season crop, you can expect an early spring harvest and a resurgence of growth in the fall. While it's a hardy plant, ensure regular watering, especially in dry conditions, for optimum growth and flavor.

Step into a world of culinary exploration with our Red Veined Sorrel Dock seeds. The combination of its visually appealing leaves and distinct flavor promises to make your dishes stand out, transporting your palate to the old-world charm of European kitchens. Embrace this garden gem and let every leaf be a testament to nature's artistic and flavorful brilliance.

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