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Tomato Seeds - Floradade

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  • 25 Seeds
  • 74 Days to Maturity
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Vigorous Growth
  • 6-7 Ounce Fruits
  • Bright Red Color
  • Few Seeds Inside
  • Determinate Growth Habit

Floradade Tomato, a pride of Florida, was developed by the University of Florida and introduced to the gardening community in 1976. Its introduction marked a significant milestone in breeding heat-tolerant tomato varieties. This particular breed was crafted keeping the hot and humid conditions of Florida in mind, ensuring that gardeners in warmer regions had a reliable tomato variety to bank on.

The Floradade Tomato is not just a feast for the eyes but also for the palate. The fruits are bright red, each weighing between 6-7 ounces, and contain few seeds - making them an excellent choice for a variety of culinary applications. They can be freshly sliced and added to salads, made into rich sauces, or simply served as a side dish. Its vibrant color and delightful taste can elevate any dish they're added to.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Being a determinate variety, the Floradade Tomato plants grow to a fixed height and produce all their fruits within a short time frame. These plants are particularly vigorous and can withstand the challenges posed by hot weather. For best results, it's advised to start the seeds indoors and then transplant them outside once the threat of frost has passed. The ideal location for these plants would be a spot that receives ample sunlight. Regular watering is crucial, but be cautious of over-watering as it might affect the fruit quality. Since they're heat-tolerant, they'll thrive in warmer temperatures, but ensure they're not exposed to drastic temperature fluctuations to prevent fruit cracking.

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